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extraterrrestial asked: So. My hair is naturally very, very blonde, but I've been dyeing it ginger for about three years now. I'm really pale, i've got freckles, and my eyes are really dark brown. Personally I think I'd look stupid with blonde hair, but I'm sick and tired of dyeing the roots all the time. I'd love to have some sort of brown or red hair, or blue or purple, or ombre, and i can't decide. I want my hair to look natural, but not boring,and I was kind of hoping you could give me some advise? Or just ideas?

Sure I can :)


What do you think of this with, instead of the blonde hightlights, with red highlights? :)

I would tend to dye the hair a brown tone ‘cause it fits to your eyes, looks natural but not boring ;)https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7005/6818727757_cebe04a450.jpghttps://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7005/6818727757_cebe04a450.jpg

I don’t know the lenght of your hair so I thought I give you a dark brown ombre idea for short hair :3


Or what about dark brown / red hair with brighter red tones on the top or  bangs ? :)


Or you may like some natural ombre color.. maybe a little bit softer than this :)?

Well.. I hope I was able to help you getting some ideas :)

Have fun dying your hair!

And if you have more questions , just ask :3

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batmansbuttcheeks asked: Hi ^_^ so I have naturally really wavy hair and it's a pain in the ass. Anyways I have bangs and everything but it's so wavy that it doesn't look good. do you have any tips on how to get hair super straight because it always ends up getting wavy a few hours after I straighten it. Thanks

Hi :3

I think I know what might help :)

A Professional can permanently straighten your hair (it will last about 5-6 months I’d say) :) Maybe this will help you, if normal products for getting straight hair don’t work :)

Hope this was helpful ! :3

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httpsparanormal asked: hi! so i really want to cut my hair but i dont really have inspiration, i really want bangs and then in layers maybe? idk but my mom wont let me dye my hair. do you have any suggestions maybe?? (you can look at my icon to see what would fit me) oh and btw, youre hella rad (:

Hey :3

What about these? :)



Maybe you like straight hair, like yours is in your cute icon :3 or you’ll try out hair with some curls? :)

I think side bangs would fit you perfectly but maybe bangs like on the last photo would fit to you too.. Depends on what you like better :3

So..I hope I was able to help you a bit :)

And thank you  :3

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missmatthewjamesbarnes asked: Hello! I am getting my hair cut in a few weeks and I've found pictures with the short layers, I was wondering if there were pictures of the back I could show to my stylist? If it helps my hair is a little past my shoulders.

Hey :)

I don’t know how short you want your hair to be so I searched for different lengths. Maybe these pictures help you:





inverted bob hairstyle back view | Orchid and merlot with a choppy stacked cut.  by viola - indulgyhttp://www.pinterest.com/pin/175851560425524043/

I hope these pictures will help :)

Have fun! :3

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Well, picture day is coming up (the 26th) and I want to do something with my hair. It's already cut, but I want to dye it in a new way. My bangs are fading out, so maybe something in another part of my hair. I want to dye all of it blue, but I don't know how to ask my mom. Any tips on asking her? If not, I might come back for other suggestions.... thank you.

Hey :)

Maybe you could show her some awesome pictures to give her an idea of what you want to do? If it looks good she’ll may allow you to dye your hair :)

Just talk to her about how you would do it and stuff. Maybe also tell her the same thing you wrote: That you want to look great on your picture ;)

Hope you can convince her :)!

Have fun dying your hair!

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allie-makes-the-laws asked: So i have really long hair that isnt die d its naturally this blonde reddish brown color. Im not allowed to dye my hair so ive been looking for ways to make it more alternative without. Any suggestions?

Hey :3

What about getting bangs? :) Or, wait, I’ll post some pictures :b

Maybe you like something that’s kinda like the “indie scene hair style”? :3




So.. you don’t need to change your hair color and it looks pretty cool and alternative too ;)

:) Maybe google it, for some more examples you may like :3

Hope I was able to give you some advice :3

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the-last-vacant-url asked: Hey so idk what to do with my hair I have a long bob at the moment and was thinking of growing it out but I'm not sure it'll take awhile I want to due it purple at the end of the year and do something drastically different but I'm scared it won't look good I am my icon so could you give me any ideas on what to do pretty please?

Hey :)

What about getting clip-in extensions for the time, when you’re growing your bob out? :) Also if you go to a professional they know which hairstyles will work for grwoing it out :) So I would suggest to ask a professional person, ‘cause I never had experience with growing bobs out, I’m sorry :/

But I think longer hair would look great and I really like the idea of purple.. maybe use a lighter tone :) And what about getting side bangs? :) Maybe like this :

modern hairstyles with side bangshttp://www.mediumhairstylescuts.com/modern-hairstyles-for-women/modern-hairstyles-with-side-bangs/

I hope you have fun dying your hair! :)

Hope I was able to help just a little bit :3

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thatgirlwiththatannoyinglaugh asked: Hi so I have pink bangs and almost black hair and I was wondering what color I should try next I've done red, purple, and pink but I'm kinda scared to try blue or green help! I'm kinda thinking maybe two colors like on each side of my part I don't know though. Also do you know any good way to bleach over dye because I had to bleach the red out of my hair three times and there was still a bit of it in there. Please and thanks, Audie xo

Hey :)

Well I think a mixture out of blue and white or pink,purple and blue would fit perfectly to you :)



Maybe you would also be interested in trying some white/silver thing? :)


I thought I’d give you some examples :)

Well.. normally the dye should be gone at least at the second bleach session.. when you’re using semipermanent dye, like manic panic or directions, headshot and other stuff.

I wouldn’t recommend to bleach your hair that often so many times. You should wait at least 2 weeks to get a better result, but I know that you probably don’t want to wait for so long ;) 

So.. I would try using silver shampoo to get rid off the red/orange color.. or I heard of cleaning shampoos which you can wash your hair with to pretreat your hair before bleaching it.

You wash your hair with it, let it soak in for like 10 minutes, wash it out, wash it again, leave it in for 10 minutes.. and you do this for like 3-5 times. :) Then the colour should be somehow pastel-like and you don’t need to bleach your hair that much ;)

So.. I hope I was able to help you :3

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rawrsina asked: Hey m'lady, can you give me hair suggestions please? I have wavy blonde hair, and it's roughly 21 inches long from the top of my head (reaching my boobs). I'm open to any style and any length, really .. thaaanks (:

Hey :)

Sorry fo the late answer, was busy :/ but now here are my suggestions for you :3

I haven’t found a picture of you on your blog.. so I can’t really say which style would fit you.. but somehow when I saw your blog, I was thinking of pastel colors.. I don’t know why, but so I did. And here are some suggestions :b

http://24.media.tumblr.com/13968549d6e0cfed19230edf9982757a/tumblr_mqet12BvdI1rn8qkno1_500.jpg http://24.media.tumblr.com/13968549d6e0cfed19230edf9982757a/tumblr_mqet12BvdI1rn8qkno1_500.jpg

maybe you like this baby blue color?


or a nice purple/lilac tone?


or what about some mixture of lilac and pastel pink? :)


personally, I really like this mixture of pastel tones :)

And if you have wavy hair, you could just wear it this way ‘cause in my opinion pastel colors look cool when your hair is a bit wavy so it gets a more “messy” but at the same time styled look ;) I hope you understand what I’m trying to say, I’m a little bit out of line at the moment, sorry :D

Well, yeah, I hope I was able to give you some inspiration :)

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