Watermelon Alternative Hair Ideas
rainbowgalaxybear asked: Hello soo I have scene hair and i want to dye it half brown and half blue.or purple but i know my mom wont let me soo is there another way to get it half and half without being half and half ??

Haha I’m confused :D
Well am I right that you’re not allowed to dye it? If you’re not allowed I don’t think there are any possibilitys..
But, if you still have your natural haircolor you may bleach half of your hair :)
Or just buy semipermanent dye in a normal drugstore and try it out if this would be possible with your haircolor :)
Maybe your mom think it would be ok in the end and because of the semipermanent dye it washes out faster and you might be allowed to do so :)
Hope I was able to help a bit :)
Maybe some guys on here have an idea too? :)

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mychemicalpikey asked: (Purple hair chick) thanks so much for your help.

No problem lovely :)
I’m happy that I was able to help you :3

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mychemicalpikey asked: I have blue/green/gold eyes and I'm dying my hair lavender. My hair is just to my boobs and I don't know how to get it cut (I don't want anything "scene" looking) can you please help? I really can't find anything. Thank you!

well.. I would leave it the way it is if you don’t want anything ‘scene’..


I think wavy hair would look really pretty with lavender hai..


like this one :) (source:http://cdn.glamcheck.com/fashion/files/2013/07/Perrie-Edwards-Lilac-Hair-color-Fantastical-Headband.jpg)

but if you want to stay at the length of your hair.. maybe you like this one? :)


(source: http://www.nosuntoday.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/tasha-purple-hair_large.jpg)

if you want to get some waves into your hair ask your hairdresser for any advice or just blow dry your hair when you roll up your hair on some litllte brushes (;

or you let your hair stay straight, part it on the middle and cut some layers in :)



Hope I was able to help a little bit :)

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