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hemmo-is-a-penguin asked: So I just found your blog today and I really love it! But I was wondering if you could help me. So my mom is letting me dye my hair and I don't know what I want to do. I kinda just want to dye the tips but I don't know! Like I have darkish brown hair with natural blonde highlights and it's kinda long and I just don't know what would be good for me!!

Hey :) Thank you :)

Well.. I looked at your “face” page and I think if you want an unnatural color I would suggest to dye the tips of your hair in a blue-turquoise -green tone :) I think that would fit best to your hair color :)





and maybe with a change from green to blue? :)

or you could do somthing like this: :)



or just one little part? :)



and if you want to dye the dip-dye think yourself and if you dye and probably bleach your hair for the first time I would suggest to ask a professional for help. Cause there are also some “dip dye” examples that just look gross..


So… I hope I was able to help you a bit :3

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yourfandomwants asked: Can you help me? My grandmother is letting me dye my hair nothing extremely wild I have dark brown hair that doesn't dye easily an it's medium length very thick

Hey :)

Sound like you’ll do this for the first time and you want to do it yourself ? :)

I would always recommend to get professional help if you don’t have much experience in hairdye and stuff :)

What about a red tone? Maybe the whole head, maybe just parts or highlights? :) I’ll put some pictures down there for examples :)





Or what about some ombre highlights in lighter brown tones? :)




I hope I was able to help you choose a bit :) And have fun dying your hair :3

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theiremptypromise asked: Hey. I have somewhat faded black hair with a green tint that I assume is because I put it over teal. And I want a medium brown. That's my natural color. Any suggestions on how to get it back and get rid of the teal and black and all the build up? Thanks (:

Hey :)

Well.. you could wait until it grows out, which is probably the helathiest way.

If you don’t want to wait for so long I would assume to bleach it.Before you start bleaching it you should use an anti dandruff shampoo ‘cause it gets out even more color particles from your dye :) Maybe use it 3-4 times. Massage it in and let it soak in for a couple of minutes. After that you should use some conditioner ‘cause most of the time your hair gets really dry.

After that you can bleach your hair. Usually it’s better to seek the help of a professional person, but if you want to do it yourself I just write how I would do it :)

Buy some bleach and put it on, best would be bleach that lights up your hair 7-9 nuances or something. Apply it on your hair and wait till (Usually 45 minutes) time’s over. Your hair will have an orange-brown-yellow tone now and I’d say you could use a medium brown dye then to achieve the color you want :) It would be the best if you wait at least one week before you dye your hair again - but I know, it’s not that cool walking around with that hair”color” :D.

Or, as I said, seek the help of a professional :)

Anyway, I hope this helps you a little bit :)

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