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bitemesenpai asked: Hi, I need some hair-help. I am planning on getting the "scene" haircut. The one that consists of very short layers and fringe. I was just wondering if there are scene haircuts that are easy to keep up with, and what those types of haircuts look like without styling, for someone like me who doesn't have super straight hair.

Hey :)

Well I’m not sure if do understand the first question the right way.. you’re talking about scene hair styles which do fit to the current styles that are told to be “in”? Or about which scene styles do not need to be cut that often and stuff? :D Well, since I do not understand ( because I’m somehow confused, sorry :D )I’ll just try to answer both questions :)

Well if you want a scene hair style being able to look “normal” sometimes you can search for indie scene hair ;)

If you were talking about the other question..

I never had experience with this type of haircut, but I would say that, especialy short hair, needs to be cut more often. And you should cut the layers again from time to time ;)

I hope I did understand it right :D

Well. and now the second question :)

It really depends on your own hair. If its wavy it may look like this

 photo omfgg.jpghttp://s261.photobucket.com/user/Get_a_life2356/media/omfgg.jpg.html

and if you do have thick hair or not also does play a role. ;)

And it may take some time until your hair will stay the way you want it to be after blowdrying it ;)

Well yeah.. I hope I was able to help. :) And if I get you wrong, I’m sorry .. :/

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euphoricmeth asked: Hey! I just found your blog and I love it so far! I was wondering if you could give me some hair dye ideas? My parents are alright with most of the alternative style but as long as I don't shave my head. I was thinking something like my hair being black with my ends being a pastel pink or anything relating to that :) thank you!!!

Aww, thank you :3 !

I really like your natural waves and I like the idea of dying it black and pink. I also think some kind like a blue-green mixture would look super gorgeous with your eye color :)


Or you may go from black over a pink to a pastel pink to white?



Maybe you like black hair with blue too?


Well and now the color I’d love to see n you :3


(edit:credit changed (: )

I’m pretty sure it would look stunning with your eyes and waves :3

Well..anyway. I would suggest to do some kind of the ombre think with more than just one tone. Let it blend from black to pastel over some darker shades and pink to it. So it will look more soft than just having a “line” where the one color ends and the other starts.. Espacially with natural-wavy hair ;)

Have fun dying your hair! I hope I was able to help :3

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theiremptypromise asked: Hey. I'm super bored with my hair and I'm also growing it out. Its touching my collarbone (tho i have a short neck. Not sure if that means anything). My bangs reach the bottom of my nose and ugh. I'm so bored! Color-wise I'm not worried about but the style is just bothering me.

Hey :)

Well what do you you think of cutting it shorter at style it kinda like this ?



Or what about some kind of a side cut like this?



Well and personally, I really like this hair cut for short hair. Being short at the back and getting a little bit longer to the front :)



Maybe you’ll like it too? :)

Hope I was able to help you just a little bit :)

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Oh my god. 2k hair-lovers on here! Thank you guys :3
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hemmo-is-a-penguin asked: So I just found your blog today and I really love it! But I was wondering if you could help me. So my mom is letting me dye my hair and I don't know what I want to do. I kinda just want to dye the tips but I don't know! Like I have darkish brown hair with natural blonde highlights and it's kinda long and I just don't know what would be good for me!!

Hey :) Thank you :)

Well.. I looked at your “face” page and I think if you want an unnatural color I would suggest to dye the tips of your hair in a blue-turquoise -green tone :) I think that would fit best to your hair color :)





and maybe with a change from green to blue? :)

or you could do somthing like this: :)



or just one little part? :)



and if you want to dye the dip-dye think yourself and if you dye and probably bleach your hair for the first time I would suggest to ask a professional for help. Cause there are also some “dip dye” examples that just look gross..


So… I hope I was able to help you a bit :3

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yourfandomwants asked: Can you help me? My grandmother is letting me dye my hair nothing extremely wild I have dark brown hair that doesn't dye easily an it's medium length very thick

Hey :)

Sound like you’ll do this for the first time and you want to do it yourself ? :)

I would always recommend to get professional help if you don’t have much experience in hairdye and stuff :)

What about a red tone? Maybe the whole head, maybe just parts or highlights? :) I’ll put some pictures down there for examples :)





Or what about some ombre highlights in lighter brown tones? :)




I hope I was able to help you choose a bit :) And have fun dying your hair :3

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